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A Bay Area native, Heather Brawley received a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. After graduating she secured an internship and then job at Archstone Distribution (World-Wide Sales and Distribution Company). Over her past twelve years at Archstone she has worked in a variety of roles within Sales, Acquisitions, and Delivery, working on hundreds of films. After taking a short-term producing program at the New York Film Academy, Ms. Brawley realized her love for Producing and began gaining experience in production, serving a variety of on-set roles such as Production Coordinator and Line Producer. Over the past two years she has produced several short films and three web-series which have garnered over 40 festival selections and several wins, and she has also been working with the production team at Archstone, where she is currently VP of Marketing & Operations. Having a background in distribution while working in production has given Ms. Brawley a unique perspective of filmmaking and versatile set of skills as a Producer, a knowledge which she implements from development to delivery. Ms. Brawley currently has projects in development and is available for co-productions as well as for hire.

Ms. Brawley also runs a company in the music accessory industry called Instrument Care Accessories.

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