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Feminist Theory and How it Relates to the Patriarchal Dividend

screened LIVE at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival on Roku's Shorts Daily channel!



Best LGBTQ Comedic Short

in the Marina Del Rey Film Festival!

Click here to access their festival program (look for us on pages 14 and 44!)















Film running time is 9 minutes

Director - Katie Oliver

Starring - Kirstie Muñoz and Farida Amer

See below for full credits of our talented cast & crew!

One programmer described Fem Theory as "an uncomfortably good and socially relevant film!"



ACCESS TO THE FESTIVAL (no longer active as of October 31, 2020):

  • Open your Roku

  • Click add channel, and search for "Shorts Daily"

  • Once you've subscribed, enter the channel, and the first category should be Marina del Rey Film Festival Shorts and Music Videos.

  • Subscribe for $5.99, which gives you access to all of the films in the festival through October 15th. (Note: If you don't want to keep the subscription, once you have subscribed, you can immediately go cancel the subscription, if you'd like. Details below).

  • Scroll through until you see "Feminist Theory and How it Relates to the Patriarchal Dividend"...and enjoy!!

  • How to cancel: Open your Roku --> Go to Settings --> Scroll down to subscriptions -->Click Shorts Daily Film Festival Subscription --> Click Cancel Subscription. (Again, you can do this anytime and it will not affect your ability to watch the film.)


Thank you all for your support, it means the world to us!

Esperanza...Kirstie Muñoz

Cameron...Farida Amer

Sharon...Johnette Kent

Rena...Renuka Veersingam

Frankie...Lucas Smith

Sam...Herman Gambhir

Brad...Jim Poole

Bartender...Kyle Billings

Bar Patron...Steve Dean

Bar Patron...Dina Dinets

Bar Patron...John Schiltz

Bar Patron...Ilaria Cerini

Mark...Matt Morillo

The Dudes

First Random Dude...Asher Kelman

Second Random Dude...Ser’Darius Blain

Third Random Dude...Vlad Zubkov

Fourt Random Dude...Steve Ellis

Fifth Random Dude...Lee Aronsohn

Sixth Random Dude...Johnny Cannizzaro

Seventh Random Dude...Peter Howell

Final Random Dude...Michael Spellman

Director of Photography...Peter Howell

Assistant Camera...Ernie Prieto

Key Grip...Shannon Krick

1st Assistant Director...Kristen Hansen

Script Supervisor...Michelle Nussey

Make-Up...Tonya Brush, Diahann McCrary

Sound Mixer...Erin Fitzgerald

Production Assistants...John Schiltz, Herman Gambhir

Catering...Impeccable Taste Catering

Edited by...Abbie Steckler

Sound Design...Jeanetta Brantley

Story by…Matt Morillo, Kirstie Muñoz, Heather Brawley, Katie Oliver

Screenplay by...Matt Morillo

Directed by...Katie Oliver

Executive Producers...Matt Morillo, Heather Brawley

Produced by...Heather Brawley, Matt Morillo

Associate Producers...Katie Oliver, Kirstie Muñoz, Johnny Otto


“At the Fair” Written & Performed by The Green Orbs

“Set Me Free” Written by Charlene Dyer, Performed by Mara Hruby

“Let it Ride” Written and Performed by Brandon Calhoon

“Broken Smiles” Written & Performed by Jonny Hughes

“Surf and Destroy” Written by Stephen Keech, Performed by Fantoms

“Home” Written by Adrian Dominic Walther & Johanna Cranitch, Performed by Maor

“The Entertainer” Written & Performed by Scott Joplin

Special Thanks

Eric Bochner

Bar Lubitsch

Lode Meurs


Pink Clubhouse Productions

“Feminist Theory and How It Relates to the Patriarchal Dividend”

Oaktown Island Productions

©2019 KADM Productions

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WINNER - Marina Del Rey Film Festival -
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